Infrastructural Networks On Global Level

Osváth László (2017) Infrastructural Networks On Global Level. In: MULTIDISCIPLINARY CHALLENGES AND THE APPROACHES TO MEETING THEM. BGE KVIK Közgazdasági Intézeti Tanszéki Osztály, Budapest, pp. 49-67.

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This paper aims to give a broad overview on the development interrelations and on the social as well as the geopolitical significance of infrastructural network in global level perspective. This network is seen as the backbone of the phenomenon of globalization and explains its vital role in the simultaneous recent process, which is localization. The infrastructural network makes a link and reduces time distance and cost distance between remote places. Via this process, they give floor for the global movements of the factors of production (labor, capital), technology, goods, services, money, information, and externalities. They offer an opportunity for the emergence of the new globalized world economy based on great worldwide connectivity. The condition of infrastructure is a development indicator. According to infrastructural index numbers, huge spatial disparities can be experienced in the world. These inequalities emphasize the importance of the development of infrastructure all over the world. Lack of infrastructure in a great part of the world is not only a local difficulty but also a global challenge. The article describes the general financial background of infrastructural investments and it follows that state participation would be inevitably necessary for these great-scale investment procedures directly or indirectly. However, there is not one state on a global level. Nevertheless, a couple of international actors are eager to substitute the lack of a global state in this area of responsibility. This study offers a collection and categorization of the key actors being involved in global infrastructure development. The infrastructural development implies political benefit on each spatial level from the settlement to the international ones. On the global scene superpowers also use this kind of benefit in their geopolitical fighting. Moreover, some infrastructural elements have global significance. Not only now but in the past also there was a great endeavor between the powers to control them. This article identifies some of these oppositions and conflicts in relation to globally important infrastructural elements.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: infrastructural development, network, globalization, localization, development, geopolitics, inequality
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